Bed Bugs Infestations in Katy Texas

Bed Bug Help for Katy Residents

When it comes to bed bugs Katy Texas, homeowners probably have never actually seen one. The truth is, pest control professionals rarely saw bed bugs, but that was until recently. Bed bugs have been around for a long time, and back before World War II started, infestations were quite common. As hygiene improved and the use of DDT during the 40s and 50s, infestations eventually went away.

Hartz technicians pose for a group picture in  Katy Texas However, bed bugs have made a comeback in America, and they are being discovered in Katy area apartments, homes, health care facilities and more. Bed bugs may even appear in places such as dry cleaners, movie theaters, office buildings and even furniture rental outlets. The resurgence of bed bugs can be linked to things such as international travel and immigration. Over the counter ineffective pesticides sold today  may also be blamed for bed bugs making a comeback.

Katy Pest Control Exterminator on Bed Bugs – Description and Habits

Bed bugs are flattened insects that are brownish and they are small. As for what they eat, they feed on animals’ blood. Climex Lectularius is the most common bed bug and it is also the type of bed bug that has adapted the most to living with people. These adapted to living with people ever since the ancient times, and they have been mentioned in both European texts (medieval) and in classical Greek writings. There are other types of bed bugs and they tend to feed on bats, birds, and other wild hosts.

Bed bugs who reach adult age are reddish-brown and they are around 3/16-inch long, and they also have bodies that are flattened. Many people mistake adult bed bugs for ticks or even cockroaches. They can’t fly, but they can move quickly over surfaces, including walls and floors, as well as ceilings. When females lay eggs, they do so in a secluded area and will lay 1-2, sometimes more, per day. During a lifetime, they will lay hundreds of eggs, which are a whitish color, hard to see and are very tiny.

 Pest Control Professionals Can Eliminate Bed Bugs

It is essential to hire one if you have an infestation because bed bugs are resilient. Nymphs can go months and months without eating, and adults can go more than a year without feeding. Bed bugs prefer feeding on people, but they can feed on cats, birds, dogs, cats, rodents and other warm-blooded animals.

Nighttime Is When Bed Bugs Usually Bite

Daytime is when Bed Bugs tend to hide in areas near where humans sleep. They can easily fit into crevices such as box springs, headboards, mattresses and so forth. Unlike bees and ants, they don’t have nests. However, they often congregate in hiding places, and these areas tend to be stained or have dark spotting. This is actually the bugs’ dried excrement. Eggs might also be present. Another sign that there is a bed bug infestation is that there is reddish blood smears on sheets, as this can be the result of an engorged bed bug being squashed.

Bed bugs hide near where humans sleep. As for where infestations initially start, that would be around beds, but they may end up spreading in other areas of the bedroom. If you have adjacent rooms or an apartment next door, then bed bugs may even spread to them.

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