Cypress, TX

Cypress Pest Control Services

Professional pest control in Cypress, Texas, can prevent building damage caused by termites and illnesses caused by cockroaches. Hartz Pest Control has provided Cypress termite control in the area since 1989, leading to a great reputation with customers. Because of the constant hot climate in this area of Texas, termite colonies are frequently large, leading to massive infestations at residential and commercial properties. Having routine inspections from our knowledgeable exterminators can ensure a building is protected from the damaging effects of chewing termites. We know how to treat the soil and foundation of new building projects to prevent termite invasions from occurring.

Eliminate Insects

Many homeowners and property managers make the mistake of using store-bought sprays and traps instead of hiring an expert Cypress pest control exterminator. Over-the-counter insecticides will only destroy a few insects while making the survivors sturdier, leading to more problems with infestations. Hartz Pest Control uses specialized chemical agents designed to control termite populations by infecting the entire colony of workers. Without the worker termites, the breeding female is unable to survive, causing a complete elimination of the colony. The most effective pest control in Cypress from Hartz Pest Control may seem as though it takes a longer amount of time, but it is a better way to destroy insects.

Wildlife Removal

In addition to Cypress termite control, exterminators can inspect buildings to find mammals and birds. Wildlife removal is a process regulated by laws concerning protecting endangered species. Mammals such as bats can transmit rabies, making it dangerous for amateurs to trap the creatures. A bite or scratch from an infected mammal can become lethal without immediate treatment. The exterminators working for Hartz Pest Control, a Cypress pest control company, will capture and relocate healthy animals to refugees away from people. In addition, exterminators can provide chemical treatments to eliminate ants, spiders and crickets that invade buildings in Cypress. To schedule an evaluation of a property, contact Hartz Pest Control with an email, online website form or telephone call.