Effective Rodent Control in Sugarland By Hartz Pest Control

Rats and mice are well known pests.  They are dirty, carry diseases and can easily damage your property. They are little nuisances that can wreck havoc to your home and are hard to get rid of once they colonize and get gain access through cracks, crevices and small holes.  Hartz Pest Control’s trained exterminators will rid your property of mice and rats, our technicians are well trained in Sugarland Rodent Control.

Effective Rodent Control Helps to Protect Your Family’s Health

Rats and mice are unhealthy and must be dealt with, they  transmit diseases such as rat-bite fever, bubonic plague, salmonellosis, murine typhus, leptospirosis, hanta-virus and Lyme disease.

Because they are so filthy, rats and mice infect large amounts of food.  Also, they like to chew and gnaw on wiring.  This causes numerous power outages and fires on an annual basis.

 Types of Rodents Found in Sugarland, TX.

In our local area, the roof rat, house mouse and sewer rat are the most common.   These three Types of Rodents are called commensal rodents because they live in very close proximity to humans.

 Roof Rat.  The roof rat is fast, and it can grow up to 8 inches long.  It has a long nose, long scaly tail and big eyes. It lives in higher places such as along power lines and gutter beams.  However, like the sewer rat, the roof rat also likes to burrow and bite.  They tend to seek warmer shelter in homes during the winter months.

 Norway Rat.  Norway rats look like roof rats and they can grow as long as nine and a half inches.  However, they have more of a social nature than roof rats.  They don’t stray too far away from their nests, and they scurry along the same paths over and over again.  Norway rats like to play in clutter piles, and they live in lower levels such as basements.

 House Mouse.  The house mouse is gray and can grow up to three and a half inches.  It has large ears and small eyes.  It has the tendency to get into food supplies and spread diseases, but it doesn’t bite unless it is provoked.  In addition, the average female house mouse produces about 8 litters each year, and each litter has around 8 babies.

Rats and mice like to colonize.  The amount of rats in your home depends on what you’ve done to get rid of them.  Obviously, if you don’t do anything to control the population, this number will continue to grow.

 Protect Your Sugaralnd Home From Rats and Mice

Protest your home and property today, Hartz Pest Control for all of your Rodent Control in Sugarland, TX. needs!   We Serve, Houston, Katy, Sugarland, Cypress, The Woodlands, Katy and surrounding areas.

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