Prevent Bed Bugs When Traveling

Bed Bug Prevention While Traveling

When Traveling, Implement these Bed Bugs prevention Tips, to Help Prevent Bed Bugs From Infesting Your Home.

#1: Keep Your Luggage Protected

Pack your luggage and bags in heavy duty plastic bags especially before loading them into your vehicle on your way back home. This will not only help keep them isolated and allow you deal with efficiently at home, but will also prevent your vehicle from getting bug invested. In addition, ensure that you vacuum your suitcase before storing them away.


#2: Unpacking Luggage

When unpacking your clothes and belongings, ensure that you unload them in a space that is away from sleeping areas or furniture (garage or outdoors). Unpack your items gradually, inspecting each item for bugs. Clothes that are required to be laundered or dry cleaned should be placed in separate bags that are sealed and placed aside.  All clothing should be dry cleaned or hot laundered or dealt with using another appropriate cleaning method.


#3: Clothing

To launder clothes at home, put the clothes into dissolving bags and place them directly into the washing machine, set the washing machine’s water temperature to the hottest possible wash cycle temperature of at least 140 degrees. When drying, It is recommended that you set the dryer at the highest cycle possible for about 30 minutes. Clothes that can’t be laundered at home should be immediately bagged for dry cleaning to ensure that clothing all used during travels is free from these creatures.


#4: Inspect and Treat All Travel Items Efficiently

  • For items that cannot be tumbled such as hand bags, books or shoes, use a dryer rack inside your clothes dryer to treat bed bugs. Inspect all things carefully, looking for their eggs or even shredded skins in the zippers of the luggage. Avoid Electronics or Plastics.


#5: Inspect Your Beds

After returning home from travel, it is always best to inspect your bed for any signs of bed bugs every 5 days for 3 weeks after returning home.

If you detect bugs or begin to experience itchy welts, call an exterminator immediately.

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Bed Bug Truths Explained

The Truth about Bed Bugs? Bed Bug Myths Explained

  1. Tossing out Infested Mattresses and Furniture will Take Care of Your Bed Bug Problem: Not True

Throwing out your furniture won’t solve your bed bug problem. Throwing out your mattress, couch or chairs is one of the worst things you can do when you have bed bugs. Sure, you will rid your home of bugs hiding in your mattress, however other bed bugs and their eggs are hiding in your walls, ceiling, behind electrical plates, in your bathroom, behind baseboards, under dressers or in other rooms.


  1. Bed Bugs Are Found Only In Beds: Not True

These types of bugs tend to hide in areas where people sleep and they can easily travel over 100 feet in a single night when they want to feed. The bed is the most obvious place they will be, but they have been known to hide in kitchens, bathrooms, attics and even air vents. They have also been known to take hiding in dorm rooms, restaurants and movie theaters. 


  1. Your Home Is Dirty If You Have Them: Not True

Your home isn’t dirty if you have them. In fact, 5-Star hotels can have an infestation. Cleanliness does not mean your home is protected from a potential bed bug infestation.


  1. You Have a Bed Bug Problem If You Get Bit While Sleeping: Maybe

You may very well be dealing with an infestation. However, many insects bite, so this is not a strong indicator of a bed bug infestation.


  1. Bed Bugs Are a Poor People’s Problem: Not True

They affect poor people because they usually cannot afford to hire a professional or buy pest control products. However, the bugs are an issue for anyone, not just a specific class of people.


  1. The Bugs Carry Disease: Not True

Ask any expert and they will tell you no evidence exists that the bugs spread diseases. In fact, they are not considered to pose a health hazard to the public. The bugs are more of a nuisance than anything because they can cause loss of sleep for people or itching. A skin infection may occur as a result of the excessive itching. If you think are dealing with these bugs, then hire an exterminator. 


  1. Bed Bugs Prefer the Taste of Some People Over Others: Not True

Sometimes only one person in the bed will get bitten. This doesn’t mean that person is tastier to the bugs. Many people don’t experience effects after being bitten. This means some people won’t even notice they’ve been bitten.


  1. You Can Kill Bed Bugs With Natural Oil Products: Not True

Natural oil products won’t get rid of your bed bug problem. In fact, an infestation will flourish.  There are many cases that have been brought by the FTC, and these cases involve misleading advertising and false claims from supposedly natural bed bug sprays.

Consumers should research products before wasting time and money on unproven and dangerous products to use inside their home. Some things just plain don’t work and chemical applications should only be applied by a trained professional.  Infestations from bed bugs, crazy ants and termites are especially hard to eliminate as DIY projects, a trained professional should be contacted right away.

Hartz Pest Control –  Trained Bed Bug Professionals

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Effective Rodent Control in Sugarland By Hartz Pest Control

Rats and mice are well known pests.  They are dirty, carry diseases and can easily damage your property. They are little nuisances that can wreck havoc to your home and are hard to get rid of once they colonize and get gain access through cracks, crevices and small holes.  Hartz Pest Control’s trained exterminators will rid your property of mice and rats, our technicians are well trained in Sugarland Rodent Control.

Effective Rodent Control Helps to Protect Your Family’s Health

Rats and mice are unhealthy and must be dealt with, they  transmit diseases such as rat-bite fever, bubonic plague, salmonellosis, murine typhus, leptospirosis, hanta-virus and Lyme disease.

Because they are so filthy, rats and mice infect large amounts of food.  Also, they like to chew and gnaw on wiring.  This causes numerous power outages and fires on an annual basis.

 Types of Rodents Found in Sugarland, TX.

In our local area, the roof rat, house mouse and sewer rat are the most common.   These three Types of Rodents are called commensal rodents because they live in very close proximity to humans.

 Roof Rat.  The roof rat is fast, and it can grow up to 8 inches long.  It has a long nose, long scaly tail and big eyes. It lives in higher places such as along power lines and gutter beams.  However, like the sewer rat, the roof rat also likes to burrow and bite.  They tend to seek warmer shelter in homes during the winter months.

 Norway Rat.  Norway rats look like roof rats and they can grow as long as nine and a half inches.  However, they have more of a social nature than roof rats.  They don’t stray too far away from their nests, and they scurry along the same paths over and over again.  Norway rats like to play in clutter piles, and they live in lower levels such as basements.

 House Mouse.  The house mouse is gray and can grow up to three and a half inches.  It has large ears and small eyes.  It has the tendency to get into food supplies and spread diseases, but it doesn’t bite unless it is provoked.  In addition, the average female house mouse produces about 8 litters each year, and each litter has around 8 babies.

Rats and mice like to colonize.  The amount of rats in your home depends on what you’ve done to get rid of them.  Obviously, if you don’t do anything to control the population, this number will continue to grow.

 Protect Your Sugaralnd Home From Rats and Mice

Protest your home and property today, Hartz Pest Control for all of your Rodent Control in Sugarland, TX. needs!   We Serve, Houston, Katy, Sugarland, Cypress, The Woodlands, Katy and surrounding areas.

Call Hartz Pest Control Services of Houston. 713-461-4866


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Cooler Weather in Houston and Rat Pest Control

The thought of living with rodents makes many Houstonians uncomfortable, but these pests also pose a threat to human health. Because rats and mice can cause thousands of dollars in property damage and carry diseases that make people sick,  Houston professional exterminators play an important role in protecting public safety when it comes to Rat and Rodent Pest Control in Houston.

 Rats carry a variety of transmittable diseases, including bubonic plague, Lyme disease, hantavirus, leptospirosis and murine typhus. 

 Rodents contaminate food with feces and when they chew through home electrical wires, they create a fire hazard that can cause property damage and severe, or even fatal injuries. 

 Types of Rat Species Houston Homeowners Need To Know About

 The three species of rodent that Texas homeowners are most likely to see are the house mouse, the roof rat and the Norway rat. These species typically live in close proximity to humans, which means they are commensal rodents. 

 Over a 12-month period, the average female house mouse can bear as many as eight litters of eight babies each. These mice are not aggressive, so they will not bite a human unless cornered. 

 House Mice and Houston Homes

A house mouse may be 3.5″ long and has gray fur. The animal has a semi-bare tail, large ears and small eyes. It contaminates food supplies and is either a direct carrier or a vector for multiple human diseases. 

 Roof Rats Will Bite Houston Residents

Roof rats prefer to inhabit gutters, power lines and other high places, although they will burrow given no other option. During the winter, they migrate indoors and once they move in, they can end up staying for several years. This rodent can grow up to 8″ long with an extremely long, scaly tail, and it has large eyes and a pointed muzzle. These animals will bite, so homeowners should take precautions if they see one.  Roof rats also love palm trees which are often located near your swimming pool.

 Norway Rats Nesting in Houston Homes

The Norway rat is also called the sewer rat, and while it resembles the roof rat, it can be more than 1.5″ longer. These rats are more social than roof rats. This species seldom roams more than 100 feet from its nest. It consistently follow trails, usually against a wall and its whiskers serve as curb feelers. This type of rat lives at ground level so it is often found in basements or burrowing in debris. 

 These rodents colonize the areas they move into so the number living in Houston area homes depends on how long they have taken shelter there. If you fail to call in a Houston professional exterminator, the population will continue to grow. 

 Damage to Wiring in Houston Homes Caused By Rats

 In addition to carrying diseases and making a lot of noise, rats pose a big threat to your home if they chew through the electrical wires and create a fire hazard. 

 These pests can do other types of damage, including gnawing through the roof to gain access to the home, chewing through plumbing pipes and tearing apart attic insulation to build nests.

Rat and Rodent Pest Control in Houston. For all of your pest control needs, Spiders, Silverfish, Bedbugs, Crazy Ants, Fire Ants, Bees, Animal Trapping, Termites And More.  

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Bed Bug Infestations in Spring Texas

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