Katy, TX

Katy Pest Control Services

Hartz Pest Control has knowledgeable exterminators with licensing from the Texas Department of Agriculture to provide services at commercial and residential properties. Routine pest control in Katy, TX, is necessary to avoid infestations from rodents and insects that thrive in the region’s hot and humid weather. An important part of Katy pest control is having exterminators apply treatments that help to prevent new generations of vermin. While destroying visible insects such as cockroaches, ants and termites may seem like the best course of action, it is actually better to allow insects to carry chemicals to breeding nests. After the pesticides infect the colonies of insects hidden in walls, the termites, ants or cockroaches are unable to breed.

Fast Service Calls

Pest control in Katy for mosquitoes is particular important due to the nearby creek that provides a breeding space for this insect’s larvae. The exterminators working for Hartz Pest Control inspect properties to find problem areas where vermin enter to live and breed. Rodents, including mice, rats and squirrels, enter small holes and crevices in a building’s foundation, leading to contamination from animal waste. Mosquito larvae might breed in stagnant pools of water on rooftops or lawns. Invasive wildlife such as bats, raccoons and birds find openings near a building’s gutters to live in an attic. Whatever type of vermin has invaded a building, homeowners or property managers need professional extermination as fast as possible.

Legal Wildlife Removal

Fortunately, Katy has pest control experts available for emergency wildlife removal to prevent injuries from scratches or bites. Hartz Pest Control understands the laws concerning removal of endangered animals to avoid fines from law officials. The Hartz Pest Control exterminators can identify exotic species of insects that proliferate throughout Texas. Instead of attempting to rid a building of insects with over-the-counter pesticides, residents of Katy, TX, should contact Hartz Pest Control with an email, online website form or telephone call. An exterminator will arrive at a property as quickly as possible for an inspection to determine the types of invasive species before providing a solution.