Prevent Bed Bugs When Traveling

Bed Bug Prevention While Traveling

When Traveling, Implement these Bed Bugs prevention Tips, to Help Prevent Bed Bugs From Infesting Your Home.

#1: Keep Your Luggage Protected

Pack your luggage and bags in heavy duty plastic bags especially before loading them into your vehicle on your way back home. This will not only help keep them isolated and allow you deal with efficiently at home, but will also prevent your vehicle from getting bug invested. In addition, ensure that you vacuum your suitcase before storing them away.


#2: Unpacking Luggage

When unpacking your clothes and belongings, ensure that you unload them in a space that is away from sleeping areas or furniture (garage or outdoors). Unpack your items gradually, inspecting each item for bugs. Clothes that are required to be laundered or dry cleaned should be placed in separate bags that are sealed and placed aside.  All clothing should be dry cleaned or hot laundered or dealt with using another appropriate cleaning method.


#3: Clothing

To launder clothes at home, put the clothes into dissolving bags and place them directly into the washing machine, set the washing machine’s water temperature to the hottest possible wash cycle temperature of at least 140 degrees. When drying, It is recommended that you set the dryer at the highest cycle possible for about 30 minutes. Clothes that can’t be laundered at home should be immediately bagged for dry cleaning to ensure that clothing all used during travels is free from these creatures.


#4: Inspect and Treat All Travel Items Efficiently

  • For items that cannot be tumbled such as hand bags, books or shoes, use a dryer rack inside your clothes dryer to treat bed bugs. Inspect all things carefully, looking for their eggs or even shredded skins in the zippers of the luggage. Avoid Electronics or Plastics.


#5: Inspect Your Beds

After returning home from travel, it is always best to inspect your bed for any signs of bed bugs every 5 days for 3 weeks after returning home.

If you detect bugs or begin to experience itchy welts, call an exterminator immediately.

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