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Why Woodland Texas Residents Need to Take Rodent Pest Control Seriously.

Other than the diseases Rodents carry, and the noise that they create, the main problem mice and rats present is that they chew electrical wires, potentially causing all sorts of structural fires. Other damage includes: leaky roofs from chewing access, torn up insulation from making bedding, and water damage from chewing pipes.

Millions of pounds of feed and food are contaminated by mice and rats yearly. They also chew through insulation on wiring causing fires and power outage.

Rat Species Found in The Woodlands Texas

House Mouse. A prolific breeder, one female can have a litter of as many as eight babies, and can do this up to eight times every year! Usually house mice do not bite. They will grow to as much as 3.5″, and in general, are a dusty gray color. House mice are carriers of human disease.

Roof Rats in The Woodlands Texas

The Roof rat tends to like high places like beams and power lines and migrate into homes during colder weather. They are identified by a scaly tail more than twice the length of the body and head combined, lengths up to 8″, big eyes, and a pointed muzzle. Roof rats bite!

Norway/ Sewer Rats Found In The Woodlands Texas

Unless disturbed by man, Norway rats stay within a hundred feet or so of their nest. They repeatedly go along the same trails, use their whiskers as “curb feelers”, and run constantly alongside walls. Norway rats prefer nesting in basements, and burrowing in piles of debris.

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