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Katy, TX. homeowners will tell you that rats, termites, crazy ants and bedbugs  are the worst pests  they face. Along with Cooler temperatures in our area comes Rodents season, they damage homes, and carry many kinds of disease. to rid their homes they seek assistance from a trained Katy area Rodent Control Exterminator.

Known diseases carried and transmitted by rodents include hantavirus, salmonella, leptospirosis, lyme disease, typhus, bubonic plague, and lyme disease.

When mice and rats get into food, they leave waste and disease behind, and when they chew through electrical wiring, they cause major damage to structural properties and vehicles which can cause a fire. These rodents put humans and pets in danger and cause millions of dollars in damage every year to livestock and homeowners.

Common Types of Rats and Mice Found in Katy Texas Residences

The three rodent species pest control sees most are house mice, roof rats, and Norway rats. These are called “commensal” because they invade places that are occupied by people as they enjoy the food and shelter human homes provide.

House Mice Seek Shelter in Katy TX Homes

The gray house mouse is small, but their population grows rapidly. One female can produce 8 litters in one year and each litter may contain as many as eight baby mice. Fortunately, these rodents are not likely to bite humans and tend to do so only when in a situation in which they are on the defense.

Roof Rats Invade Katy area Properties

Roof rats are so named because they climb and hide in rafters, gutters, and on power lines.  They invade different types of structures when the weather gets cold and are likely to stay there when they are not exterminated quickly. A roof rat is much more frightening to see than a small house mouse. This is due to having bulging eyes, pointy muzzles, and a tail that is long and scaly, they are big rodents. Unlike the house mouse, a roof rat will bite people and animals.

Norway Rats in Katy Homes

Also called a sewer rat, the Norway rat may be an inch and a half longer than a roof rat, but is otherwise similar in appearance to the roof rat. They build their nests in basements and debris and travel no more than 100 feet from their nests following the same trails in and along walls. They use their whiskers to feel their way along their established paths.

How many rats you have in your home is determined by how long they have lived there. When the problem is unrecognized and untreated by a Katy,Texas Rodent control exterminator the population continues to grow into the double digits spreading disease in your home.


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