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Fast Dispatch in Houston and Surrounding Areas

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Hartz Pest Control has been serving the Houston and surrounding areas since 1989. 

Houston Pest Control 

Located in Northwest Houston on Sam Houston Parkway, Hartz Pest Control has a fleet of fully equipped company trucks manned by licensed well trained pest professionals well able to provide fast effective pest control inspections and service in Houston and surrounding areas.

Sugar Land Pest Control 

Homeowners should protect their investment by hiring a termite exterminator in Sugar Land, Texas. As one of the fastest growing cities in Texas, Sugar Land residents are likely living in a new home that requires routine inspections from Hartz Pest Control located in nearby Houston. 

 Katy Pest Control 

Hartz Pest Control has knowledgeable exterminators with licensing from the Texas Department of Agriculture to provide services at commercial and residential properties. Routine pest control in Katy, TX,

Cypress Pest Control 

Professional pest control in Cypress, Texas, can prevent building damage caused by termites and illnesses caused by cockroaches. Hartz Pest Control has provided Cypress termite control in the area since 1989, leading to a great reputation with customers. 

The Woodlands

When you need to find a pest exterminator near The Woodlands, you can rest assured that our experienced pest control experts will not let you down. We utilize proven techniques and strategies for all pests in The Woodlands.These techniques are highly effective at eliminating everything from fire ants and roaches to silverfish, mice or termites from the property.


When you are looking for reliable Spring, Texas, pest control services, you do not need to look beyond Hartz Pest Control for reliable results. The unfortunate truth is that there are many types of pests that can and will try to make their way inside homes and business properties in the local area.