We service both residential and commercial accounts.

Our technicians are trained to rid your property of the following pests:

When it comes to service, Hartz Pest Control offers state-of-the-art solutions.

Feel safe and secure knowing our solutions are implemented by experienced pest control professionals.

Let Hartz Pest Control get rid of: Ant, Aphid, Argentina Ant, Bat, Bee, Bird, Black Ant, Black Widow Spider, Brown Recluse Spider, Carpenter Ant, Cockroaches, Crazy Ant, Dirt Dobber, Dobber Mud, Dry Wood Termite, Drywood Termite, Fire Ant, Flea, Fly, Fly Larva, Flying Ant, Flying Termite, Formosan Subterranean Termites, Formosan Termite, Isopods, Larva, Millipedes, Mosquito Larva, Moth, Mouse, Nutria, Nutria Rat, Odorous House Ant, Oriental Cockroach, Palmetto Bug, Pharaoh Ant, Raccoon, Rat, Recluse Spider, Red Ant, Roach, Rodent, Scorpion, Silverfish Bug, Spider, Squirrel, Squirrel Nest, Subterranean Termite, Sugar Ant, Swarming Termite, Termite, Termite Larva, Termite Swarm, Tick, Wasp, Wasp Nest, Winged Termite, Wood Termite, Worm, Yellow Jacket, and more.

Expert Exterminators You Can Trust

We have worked hard to build a reputation for extraordinary customer satisfaction, to earn the name of Verified Trusted Local Business, and to become an Angie’s List Super Service Award winner. At Hartz, you can trust us to offer the best advice for your property.

We employ a team of extensively trained professional extermination experts who will work with you to make sure your pest problems are solved. A Hartz exterminator will inspect your house or business to document prior pest issues or termite damage, develop a pest elimination treatment plan and give you a price estimate.Once your pests are under control, routine maintenance and regular inspections from our expert technicians will help you prevent future infestations and pest problems. Our preventative inspections and servicing will help make sure your property remains pest free and that your property and investment remain safe.

Kid and pet safe pest control, we offer both one-time treatments and service agreements.  We work hard daily to rid and keep your property pest free.  Call today and we will be happy to provide immediate pricing for services.

Animal Relocation

Our experienced technicians will inspect your home for the point of entry and the type of animal. We only use humane traps that catch the animals, so that we can relocate them without actually harming them. Cute Little Raccoon? Nutria in your Pond? Pest Problem? Well, maybe, when you’re out camping, and you spot this garden pest nibbling on the forest’s carpet. But just wait until it gets into your attic or crawlspace! You shouldn’t be trapping squirrels or raccoons yourself. Let us do it. Think raccoons are bad? Wait until you realize you have a rodent problem. Rat infestation can cost you thousands on home and AUTO – yes auto repair! Let’s talk about rodent removal and other pest removal.

Pest Control


After a thorough inspection and evaluation, we do the necessary treatment to eliminate the target pest. Once the pest population has been eliminated, we focus on the perimeter of your home to keep the pests from re-entering your home. We recommend a Quarterly service to monitor and maintain pest population levels. Focusing mainly outside the home, we will treat inside when necessary.


When it comes to your business, pests are more than just a nuisance. They can actually damage your reputation. Since each business has different considerations, we customize a pest control plan to fit your business’ unique needs

Termite Control

Baiting Systems

Before applying any Termite treatment, we perform a thorough inspection of your home. A licensed termite technician will offer an estimate in writing that notifies you of any previous or active termite activity in and around your home, and what treatment we recommend.

“Termite Plus” Termite Elimination System

What is the Hartz Termite Plus System? Baiting systems are the newest technology to eliminate termites from your home. Hartz Pest Control is truly the industry leader when it comes to baiting systems. After eliminating attacking colonies, Termite Plus guards structures by monitoring for future invasions. How does Termite Plus Work? Subterranean Termites are social insects, so all individuals within the colony depend on one another for survival. The Termite Plus targets a colony by using a unique active ingredient that is spread throughout the colony’s foraging population before termites can notice it’s effects on their nestmates. As the worker termites die off, the termite colony declines to the point where it can no longer sustain itself, ultimately leading to its collapse and elimination.

Liquid Treatments

A conventional liquid treat is a chemical barrier put around the perimeter of your foundation and penetrations (or breaks) in the slab. Since Subterranean termites need to be in contact with the ground, they must go through the chemical barrier to get to the house. Why Use Hartz Pest Control for Liquid Treatments? Our licensed technicians are experienced and they care. We offer a full one-year warranty on our liquid treatments. After the first year, you have the option to renew the warranty with an annual inspection. If you have any concerns within the servise year for any reason, all you have to do is call and one of our technicians will come to your home and re-inspect and retreat if necessary at no additional cost to you. We also notify you of any conducive conditions or areas that may be of additional concern that might need to be corrected in order to keep termites away from your home.

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