Sugar Land, TX

Sugar Land Pest Control Assistance

Homeowners should protect their investment by hiring a termite exterminator in Sugar Land, Texas. As one of the fastest growing cities in Texas, Sugar Land residents are likely living in a new home that requires routine inspections from Hartz Pest Control located in nearby Houston. The warm climate in this region makes it easier for a variety of insects and wildlife to breed, leading to large populations of vermin that invade buildings. The building projects in this area can bring in insects such as ants, spiders and cockroaches that infest homes and businesses quickly. Hartz Pest Control, a pest control expert in the Sugar Land area, is available to provide advice concerning effective exterminating methods.

Expert Exterminators

An important thing to remember about the Sugar Land region is that it was once an area with plantations where sugarcane was grown. Today, there is still a sugar refinery and packaging company in the area, leading to a source of food for many insects. People in this city are frequently living in homes built on top of old plantations where ant and termite populations have existed for many years. When building a new home or business, it is a good plan to hire a knowledgeable termite exterminator in Sugar Land to prevent an insect invasion. The exterminators working for Hartz Pest Control understand how to apply chemical insecticides to slabs, foundations and soil to control termites.

Application of Insecticides

There are three common species of termites in the region that invade buildings and require exterminators to identify before planning a course of chemical treatments. Proper application of pesticides to a home’s structure can prevent termites from entering its wooden frame. Termites chew through items that contain wood pulp, leading to extensive damage that costs thousands of dollars to repair. While the Hartz Pest Control technicians are providing chemical treatments for termites, the experts can check for other insects and wildlife that often have invaded a building. Anyone interested in professional exterminating services can contact Hartz Pest Control with a telephone call, email or online website form.