Bed Bug Truths Explained

The Truth about Bed Bugs? Bed Bug Myths Explained

  1. Tossing out Infested Mattresses and Furniture will Take Care of Your Bed Bug Problem: Not True

Throwing out your furniture won’t solve your bed bug problem. Throwing out your mattress, couch or chairs is one of the worst things you can do when you have bed bugs. Sure, you will rid your home of bugs hiding in your mattress, however other bed bugs and their eggs are hiding in your walls, ceiling, behind electrical plates, in your bathroom, behind baseboards, under dressers or in other rooms.


  1. Bed Bugs Are Found Only In Beds: Not True

These types of bugs tend to hide in areas where people sleep and they can easily travel over 100 feet in a single night when they want to feed. The bed is the most obvious place they will be, but they have been known to hide in kitchens, bathrooms, attics and even air vents. They have also been known to take hiding in dorm rooms, restaurants and movie theaters. 


  1. Your Home Is Dirty If You Have Them: Not True

Your home isn’t dirty if you have them. In fact, 5-Star hotels can have an infestation. Cleanliness does not mean your home is protected from a potential bed bug infestation.


  1. You Have a Bed Bug Problem If You Get Bit While Sleeping: Maybe

You may very well be dealing with an infestation. However, many insects bite, so this is not a strong indicator of a bed bug infestation.


  1. Bed Bugs Are a Poor People’s Problem: Not True

They affect poor people because they usually cannot afford to hire a professional or buy pest control products. However, the bugs are an issue for anyone, not just a specific class of people.


  1. The Bugs Carry Disease: Not True

Ask any expert and they will tell you no evidence exists that the bugs spread diseases. In fact, they are not considered to pose a health hazard to the public. The bugs are more of a nuisance than anything because they can cause loss of sleep for people or itching. A skin infection may occur as a result of the excessive itching. If you think are dealing with these bugs, then hire an exterminator. 


  1. Bed Bugs Prefer the Taste of Some People Over Others: Not True

Sometimes only one person in the bed will get bitten. This doesn’t mean that person is tastier to the bugs. Many people don’t experience effects after being bitten. This means some people won’t even notice they’ve been bitten.


  1. You Can Kill Bed Bugs With Natural Oil Products: Not True

Natural oil products won’t get rid of your bed bug problem. In fact, an infestation will flourish.  There are many cases that have been brought by the FTC, and these cases involve misleading advertising and false claims from supposedly natural bed bug sprays.

Consumers should research products before wasting time and money on unproven and dangerous products to use inside their home. Some things just plain don’t work and chemical applications should only be applied by a trained professional.  Infestations from bed bugs, crazy ants and termites are especially hard to eliminate as DIY projects, a trained professional should be contacted right away.

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