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    Houston Ant Control | Ant Exterminator

    Are you in need of an experienced & reliable Houston area Ant pest control service? Then you’re in the right place. Hartz Pest Control built their business since 1987 on referrals and honest reviews from both new and long-time satisfied customers. Schedule a visit today with one of Hartz’s ant control exterminators by calling 713-461-4866. Visit the Review page to see what their happy customers had to say!

    There is no denying that ants are ubiquitous. You can see them in almost every residential and commercial space across Texas including Houston, Sugar Land, Cypress, The Woodlands and Katy.

    While many ant species can be found within our state are harmless, others can inflict considerable damage. These pests need to be taken seriously because of the threat they pose to both homes, businesses and their inhabitants. For example, Texas fire ants are deemed as a public health menace because of their high level of aggression and painful sting. The allergic reaction caused by numerous stings can be dangerous.

    Meanwhile, carpenter ants are often seen in the wilderness, but they can quickly adapt to manmade environments. These ants may not eat wood, but they can still compromise structural integrity through their excavations when nesting in lumber. These ants can prove difficult to get rid of on your own.


    Ants are formidable foes. It takes professional tools, skills, and experience to control their numbers and eradicate them completely. The pros know how to recognize the species and find their nests. Ants are so flexible that they can find ways to gather food, create nests, and establish ant trails in any structure.

    These insects can be found in a wide variety of terrains and climates, but they seem to favor places where they can easily access food like a kitchen. Ants have an incredible sense of smell that lets them find even the smallest food crumbs and other feasts wherever these might lie.

    Due to the persistence of this insect, generic baits and insecticides rarely provide the level of control people are aiming for. At best, these may destroy a few foraging trails but not the source of the population which is the heavily protected queen.

    The team at Hartz are adept at targeting nests and eliminating the pests once and for all. Our technicians can even treat regularly with a service agreement.

    Ants are different from roaches and other pests when it comes to their habits as well. They will walk brazenly across your countertop in the middle of the afternoon. If you have a serious infestation, you will probably see a long and continuous line of ants transporting food from the source back toward their colony. Homeowners do not have to put up with ants. Hartz Pest Control provides fast friendly ant pest control services throughout Houston, Cypress, Sugar Land, The Woodlands & Katy, TX.

    Preventing Ant Infestations

    The most important aspect of preventing infestations is not leaving food lying around. Keeping foods tightly sealed is extremely important. This also includes pet food which tends to attract ants just as well. Also, you can prep the outside of your house to keep ants out just as effectively. Keeping debris and mulch away from your home will ensure that ants do not have a moist environment to pull water from, plus it will prevent ants from finding a bridge up to your house. Replacing window screens and sealing doors will also help.

    In addition to Houston ant pest control, we also provide pest control services for termites, roaches, fleas, bed bugs and more for both residential and commercial customers. Schedule an ant pest control inspection today!

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    Identifying Ants in the Houston Area

    The following list will assist you in identifying different ant species.

    Many people mistake acrobat ants for carpenter ants, and only a close inspection of them will reveal their true identity. Their thorax contains two spines, and they are of equal size to one another. They are also very active in the day, whereas carpenter ants are not. Acrobat ants’ defensive posture is lifting their bodies into the air. While they can be found in trees, they will also come inside in the right conditions.
    These practically nocturnal ants are large and dark brown, with nests situated near walls, ceilings, tree branches, hollow tree trunks and boxes. They are known to create linear trails along tree branches, fences and buildings. Their bites can be painful but will not cause a stinging sensation.
    These ants get their name because of their erratic behavior. They are a huge nuisance for Houston area residents and business owners and can be found in moist places such as bathrooms, kitchen sinks and potted plants.
    The most common ant found in Texas is the fire ant, which is well-known for being highly aggressive when its large dirt mound nests are disturbed. Their sting is extremely painful, with many people suffering an allergic reaction. These ants can be recognized by their reddish-brown color. While they mostly stay outside, it’s not uncommon for them to retreat inside during the summer, looking for food and water when water sources are limited.
    Leaf-cutting ants, which have long legs, spines on their body and are red/brown in color, are identified by their leaf-carrying behavior and crater-shaped mounds. They will carry back plant material and fresh-cut leaves to their nest, placing them in areas that allow fungus to grow.
    Another commonly seen ant in Texas is the odorous house ant. These ants can be found in kitchens, looking for sweet food. Their nests can be found inside wall voids, bricks, stones and under mulch. When these ants are crushed, they give off a smell similar to licorice.
    The only ant type to have a nest inside is the pharaoh ant. They have a yellow/clear color and will make nests in wall voids and electrical boxes. Pharaoh ants look for high protein and high sugar foods.